The Wheels on the Debt Clock Are About to Spin Right Off!

It is well known that the last stage of an empire comes when the ruling elite loot the treasury. In this case, they have already done that and are moving on to looting everything else. We are now adding $1 Trillion dollars, with a capital T to the debt every 100 days.

That means you and are are pledged for another $30,000 every 100 days. On top of the mountain that we already owe “someone.” But don’t believe your lying eyes; the economy is roaring back! Unemployment is the lowest evah! Uncle Joe’s brilliant economic strategy is working for the middle class!

Have I told you about the oceanfront property I have for sale in Arizona? It’s a heck of a deal.

“There has been abundant evidence of great evil at work in the world, throughout time and in our present time. Do you really wish to be ignorant of its existence and operation?”

Daniel Webb

Here is the article at The Burning Platform. Also, if you haven’t checked out Daniel Webb’s website, The Great Taking, click on his name above. The book is free, if not a little obtuse. The movie is really good and a lot easier to understand.

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