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I Pledge Allegiance to Keeeeeeeeeev

Guest Post by Eric Peters At one time, American schoolchildren were made to pledge allegiance to the American flag – a curious thing, when you think about it a bit. But it was at least the American flag. How about … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering…

The “representatives” in CONgress do not represent you.

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Clown World Accelerates

From S2 Underground: Washington D.C. – Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 has been altered significantly, removing almost all of the former protections for women under this law. This highly controversial move means that there will be no … Continue reading

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Bird Flu, Censorship & 100 Day Vaccines: 7 Predictions for “The Next Pandemic”

Swiped from The Burning Platform. I don’t really disagree with anything here in this post, though it’s hard to predict how any of this will play out. This is certainly a plausible scenario. Guest Post by Kit Knightly Earlier this … Continue reading

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The FBI Does Not Work for You

The FBI works for itself, to expand its power, its budget and its influence. People are starting to notice. Slowly… Rep. Mike Garcia very kindly tells Chris Wray he’s a stooge.

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More Notes on Israel vs. Iran

I don’t know the author of these words, but they track with what I’m seeing in other places. As he says at the end, winter is coming. Prepare accordingly.

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Notes From Sunday

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That Pesky Constitution Again

First we had Ketaji Jackson “I’m not a biologist” Brown saying the First Amendment to the Constitution is a problem because it is “hamstringing the government,” and now the DOJ sees the Fourth Amendment as a problem as it prevents … Continue reading

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Collective Insanity

From Doug Casey’s International Man newsletter. by Jeff Thomas In any country, during prosperous times, the great majority of people go to work each day with the understanding that productivity results in an improved life. Even for those of humble … Continue reading

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Would You Like Crickets with That?

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