How Would You Like to Earn 100% Interest on Your Savings?

Sound good? All you have to do is enter the country illegally, and all the other US taxpayers will match your savings account deposits dollar for dollar! So for every dollar an illegal invader earns working in a job that used to be/should be held by an actual American, all the other Americans who are left employed get to give up another dollar to help the illegal invader buy a home that Americans can’t afford any more.

Isn’t this grand?!?

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I Can’t Recommend This Enough

Matt Bracken has consistently been about 10-15 years ahead of whatever is happening in the world. He repeats himself a bit, but if you want to know what’s going on, watch this video. Worth your time.

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How Government Really Works

The All Important Doorman

by Jeff Thomas from Doug Casey’s International Man Newsletter

Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. He’s brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When he gets out of the car, he looks up at the great building and is quite impressed. A uniformed doorman exits the foyer and comes out on the sidewalk. The tribesman sees the gold braiding and brass buttons of his coat and immediately decides that this is a very important person. Again he looks up at the building and says to the doorman, “This is a very great home you have. You must be very important indeed.”

Of course, if we were present, we might chuckle at the tribesman’s naiveté. The owners of such a great building would never greet people at the entrance. They leave such trivial tasks to hired servants, whilst they run the real business without ever needing any direct contact with visitors as they enter the building. And, in addition, doormen come and go – they are, after all, disposable. The owners – those who control what happens in the building – retain their positions over the long term… and may remain anonymous, if they so choose.

We find this simple concept easy enough to understand, and yet we chronically have difficulty in understanding that, in most countries, the president, or prime minister, is not by any means the man who makes the big decisions in the running of the country.

We assume that, because we were allowed to vote for our leader, he must actually be our leader. But, as Mark Twain has at times been credited as saying, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Similarly, the man whose family took over the financing of Europe, Meyer Rothschild, said, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.” His family has been calling the shots for centuries, but like the owners of the apartment building, they keep a low profile.

Remarkably, most people will nod their heads at the above quotes, yet somehow still imagine their elected leader to be in charge.

Most anyone will accept that the voting system in their country has been corrupted in one way or another and it’s even more likely that they’ll acknowledge that the central banks control the flow of money. Yet, they persist in believing that, even if elections are financed by the big banks, the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, etc., somehow, those who are elected remain loyal to the voters, not to those who paid for their election.

And, they imagine these elected members to be running the show.

Further, whilst they often acknowledge that the political party that they oppose is bought and paid for, they prefer to think that the one they favour is not.

At this point, both the EU and the US are run by the Deep State. In Europe it’s a bit more obvious, as the EU is a visible, unelected body that holds sway over all of the most significant developments in Europe.

In the US, it’s a bit less obvious, but it’s generally understood that the CIA, FBI and other similar organisations run independently of the president. (He has the power to fire a Director, but does not have the power to eliminate these organisations or change their agenda.)

The US is run as a corporatist body – joint rule by big business and the state. The elected members are, like doormen, temporary. They are, of course, highly visible, which they’re intended to be, as they’re meant to distract the public eye away from those who are truly in charge.

And, like doormen, they’re disposable. They can be unelected at four-year intervals and the agenda continues as planned. They are, in fact, largely irrelevant to the direction that the country takes.

The president in particular falls into this category. There have been quite a few presidents who rose to that post with little or no previous experience in elected office. Their election is a result of popularity. If they do a better job of creating campaign-promises than their opponents, they emerge as the winners, even if they have no political ties, associations with other legislators, or previous experience in the job.

And yet, we somehow assume that those who really pull the strings would spend hundreds of millions of dollars on elections, then tolerate a newly-elected outsider to wash away their investment by actually taking charge.

To be sure, there have been presidents who have bucked the Deep State, but they tend to change their tune rather quickly and get back into line. Those who have refused have sometimes found themselves on the business end of a bullet, although, more recently, the preferred tactic has been to invent accusations of corruption and indecency, then to produce questionable witnesses to discredit the leader. (A leader who has been forced out in disgrace is just as gone as one that’s been assassinated.)

But, almost invariably, the “leader” sees that it’s in his interest to cave in to the Deep State, as, perennially, they hold the real power. Campaign promises are tossed into the dustbin and it’s back to the previous, ongoing agenda. This we’ve witnessed time after time.

Does this mean that the president is only a mouthpiece for the Deep State? Well, no, it’s actually advantageous for him to express his own opinions, ruffle the public’s feathers and push his pet projects. It adds to the distraction that he’s in charge. However, the larger issues – particularly the flow of tax dollars into the pockets of corporations, continue exactly as planned, regardless of who’s in office. Bankers continue to receive absurdly large bailouts when they’ve grossly mismanaged their banks. The military industrial complex continues to enjoy perpetual warfare, so that they can supply armaments to the government for unnecessary conflicts. Big Pharma enjoys legislation that forces people to be vaccinated against their will and accept outrageously high prices for medications that are generally inexpensive to produce.

But, yes, as long as a president remains the spokesman to explain why such policies are not only tolerable, but essential, he may be allowed to occupy the oval office until the voters tire of him.

But, if this is true, why do people so quickly and so readily accept the “leader” to actually be unilaterally responsible for every facet of every governmental policy and action?

Well actually, nothing could be easier. It’s human nature to want to put a face to our praise and/or criticism. We can’t muster the same focus if we’re advised that we’re being ruled by a faceless group. We tend to respond more readily and more intensely to a single individual – a face we can conjure up immediately. “People desire certainty,” Doug Casey once observed to me, when discussing a related subject, and that’s exactly so. If we’re uncertain during troubled times, we’ll instantly jump at the opportunity to put a single face to the problem, to blame one individual for whatever is troubling us.

This is evidenced by the presentation of photos of Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama bin Laden, mere hours after major events, as the certain culprits. They were immediately accepted, without any question, by a people desperately seeking certainty.

Therefore, as soon as one leader is out and another takes his place, we’re able to immediately transfer our devotion or hatred to the replacement.

The concept of providing a single face to the public is one that was understood by George Orwell, who created the character of “Big Brother,” who would be on the video screens incessantly, as the face of the government.

But, in stating all of the above, it may seem that I’ve portrayed the doorman as insignificant and this is not the case. He does play quite an important role.

He’s absolutely essential, as he, more than any other legislator, creates a suitable distraction from those who really run the show. He’s in front of the microphone, does interviews, is filmed almost on a daily basis, and is constantly credited by the media as being either the saviour or the devil, depending upon which media outlet is providing the portrayal.

And the shakier an economy, and the greater the problems of a country, the more essential it is that the “leader” be visible. After all, when things go badly awry, someone has to serve as the fall guy.

When this occurs, he is, of course, disposable. He leaves in disgrace or is voted out and a new puppet is voted in whose loyalty is again to the Deep State, not to the voters. And, most importantly, the real agenda continues, as planned, regardless of whatever new campaign promises got him elected.

(This is not at all new. In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt introduced the Emergency Banking Act the day after his inauguration speech, in which he had assured the country that he would not mess with the currency.)

Campaign promises are dumped wholesale; the demeanour of the new leader may change dramatically, and the new leader’s very principles may suddenly evaporate after election day. However, the ongoing agenda does not. Regardless of who’s elected, or what party he professes to represent, we witness a continuation of the previous directions taken by those who truly hold the power.

What’s important to recognize is that, no matter how large the apartment building may be, no matter how impressive the presentation of the doorman may be, he is just that. He is only the front man, and he is disposable.

The Deep State runs the show. Their presence is permanent and their agenda is both ongoing and impervious to the whims of the voting public.

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CONgress Criminalizes the New Testament

by Chuck Baldwin

I’ll lead off by quoting a brief missive by Dr. Stephen Jones. On May 2, he wrote:

Yesterday congress passed what is called the Anti-Semitic Awareness Act.

It is a bill which criminalizes any criticism of the Israeli state or of Zionism. It also criminalizes any Bible passage (such as Acts 4:10) which states that the Jews crucified Jesus. And because the bill assumes that all Jews are Zionists, it confounds anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism.

Many Christian congressmen voted for this bill. What will they do when the Bible is banned? No doubt they will claim that they never intended for this to happen, or that they voted for the bill without even reading it. Yet they should have known how unconstitutional the bill is, as it greatly restricts the right of free speech.

This would not have been possible had it not been for the support of Christian Zionists such as Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who used to be a constitutional lawyer.

By restricting free speech, he has betrayed all of us and is a good example of a modern Judas.

Amen, Dr. Jones.

House Speaker Mike Johnson touts himself as being a strong man of faith. He calls himself an evangelical Christian. Yet Johnson has quickly joined the ranks of the Deep State and atheist Zionism as a big-government, warmongering, anti-free speech and antichrist toady: an enemy of God’s Holy Word.

The bill referenced above that Johnson rammed through Congress codifies into U.S. law blasphemy against New Testament Scriptures. Real Christians couldn’t have any part of such sacrilege.

Only the foolish ignore the words of Christ where He said, Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)

In a similar fashion, the Apostle Paul warned:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. (II Corinthians 11:13 – 15)

Jesus also told us frankly: Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:20)

By his fruits, Mike Johnson has proven himself to be a false prophet and deceitful worker.

Remember, the Antisemitic Awareness Act is a bill which criminalizes any criticism of the Israeli state or of Zionism. It also criminalizes any Bible passage (such as Acts 4:10) which states that the Jews crucified Jesus.

Let’s read Acts 4:10. The Apostle Peter is the speaker:

Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. [Emphasis added]

According to Mike Johnson’s bill, preachers and Christians cannot quote this verse from God’s Word without being guilty of “antisemitism.”

And let’s not forget Matthew 27:20:

But the [Jewish] chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. [Emphasis added]

Then, according to God’s Holy Word, the Jewish crowd shouted to Pilate,

His blood be on us, and on our children. [Emphasis added] (Matthew 27:25)

This proclamation by that Jewish mob was a public admission of their bloodguilt for the death of Jesus Christ.

Again, this passage of God’s Word is illegal under Johnson’s “antisemitism” bill.

Plus, Acts 7:52 records Stephen proclaiming to the Jews:

Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted? and they have slain them which shewed before of the coming of the Just One [Jesus]; of whom ye have been now the betrayers and murderers.[Emphasis added]

And then the Jews killed Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

This is another Biblical passage that Johnson has commanded that we tear out of our Bibles.

And notice the myriad of mentions in the Gospels where the Jews are recorded as trying to kill Jesus: Mark 14:44; John 5:16; 5:18; 7:30; 7:32; 8:59; 10:31; 10:39; 11:57; etc. Johnson demands that we tear these passages from the Gospels out of our Bibles as being “antisemitic.”

The passages in the Book of Acts that record the attempts by the Jews to persecute, beat, imprison and kill Christ’s apostles are almost too numerous to count. See Acts 9:23; 11:19; 12:3; 13:50; 14:5; 14:19; 17:5; 18:12; 20:3; 21:27; 22:30; 24:27; 25:7; 25:24; 26:2; 26:7; 28:17.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (a professing Christian) considers all of these Bible passages “antisemitic” and demands through law that they be banned and the people who quote or proclaim these Biblical truths be treated as criminals.

I invite readers to watch a short 5-minute video clip that I made last Sunday with the same title as this column challenging America’s pastors. Any pastor who submits to Mike Johnson’s tyrannical antichrist dictate will prove to all the world that their king is Caesar and not Christ.

Here is the YouTube link to my 5-minute video clip.

Thankfully, many others are speaking out against Michael Johnson’s attempt to criminalize free speech in America.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes:

Israel Relocates to Washington, D.C.

The US Congress has become an extension of the Israeli government. We don’t need a president. We have the Israel Lobby.

The US House of Representatives just passed a bill that means prison for any Christian or anyone for that matter who quotes the Bible that says Jesus was handed over by Jews to Pontius Pilate to be scourged and crucified by the Romans.

The bill, which passed 320-91, criminalizes all criticisms of Israel and Jews as anti-semitism. If the Senate passes this bill, I suppose it will end up in book-burning of many works of literature including Shakespeare [and the Bible].

Clearly the majority of the House of Representatives is so much in thrall to the Israel Lobby that there is no hesitancy about normalizing genocide and setting the scene for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This bill is such an obvious violation of Constitutionally-protected free speech that it tells us that Congress will not come to the aid of free speech as it is closed down everywhere. Will the Supreme Court be too fearful of its own destruction to rule against the bill’s violations of free speech and the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment?

Glenn Greenwald’s report is very important. Protest has become a criminal act. Freedom in America is dead. The US is a police state, and the police, presstitutes, Christian Zionists, and House of Representatives are very proud of it.

Amen, Dr. Roberts.

Republican or Democrat: It doesn’t matter. Both parties are lackeys for the Israeli lobby; neither party cares a whit about protecting the God-given liberties of the American people protected in our Bill of Rights; and both parties have proven themselves to be the enemies of Jesus Christ and God’s Holy Word.

Both parties in Washington, D.C., are leading America into the pits of Hell.

P.S. We have just released my latest Prophecy Message DVD entitled Babylon The Great – Part One – The Mother Of Harlots, taken from Revelation 17.

I’m confident that Mike Johnson would want to ban this message too.

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On Preparing…Water

Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man has a good article on how to prepare for a water outage.

Given that potable water is so essential (for drinking, cooking, and washing ourselves, our clothes and our cooking and eating utensils), we have to ensure we can get it when we need it.  If the electrical grid goes down, every water purification plant and sewage processing plant is going to go down within a day or two.  That means no more potable water out of our taps, so everyone is going to have to go get water from any available source. 

It’s worth the read and includes some links to other printable resources everyone should have.

Link to purchase Aqua Mira, a water preservative.

Link for 5 Gallon Water Storage Jugs

Full article.

Download this guide on water purification from the EPA.

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Michael Yon Mind Dump

from Michael Yon (sans edit)

Incredible…out of ALL the companies in the world to visit, Masako Ganaha and I travelled to BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Twice we travelled to BASF before Nordstream attack. We asked during our second trip what happens to BASF if Nordstream flow stops. And then BOOM…Nordstream. That was literally like Predicting 9/11 before the attack. Precision prediction far in advance. We knew BASF was on the menu. Likewise with Groningen Gas field in Netherlands. I was there at Groningen before it was shut down warning it would be shut.

I warned about the tuberculosis and screwworms and numerous other key items far in advance. And that Darien Gap would become major invasion route. Darien is now wide open. Nicaragua is also growing as invasion hub. These are accurate, intercontinental sniper shot on a moving target from a moving platform.

“Israel” will be lucky to survive. You will see.

Texas will be lucky to survive. You will see.

Many of these plays are amazingly obvious far in advance. You just have to study and travel to key places with key players seven days per week for years on end.

And there are little things…such as spotting the road being built through Darien Gap. Now it’s big news. I found the new bridge by following new mud tracks at end of PanAm highway in Darien. When I saw the tracks, I followed…and found the new bridge being secretly built. And now everyone knows. You cannot learn these things by reading other people’s reports who are reading other people’s reports. We will go into massive famines. Long flash to bang. They are coming.

The manufactured famines will create massive HOP — Human Osmotic Pressure — pushing hundreds of millions of people into Europe, America, Japan, Australia, and more. Many invaders will use the new road I discovered on a trip alone into Darien. The road is being built through Darien Gap.

@annvandersteel and @ganaha_masako and I took reporters down there from @EpochTimes and also @BretWeinstein and @chrismartenson and @LauraLoomer and @realmuckraker and @rangerholton and @Oscarelblue and more.

And now millions of people realize the bridge is being built and Darien will become massive invasion route to USA — even as Gaza is emptied. Which we predicted immediately after the obvious Gleiwitz attack on 07 October in “Israel.” A person has to be a serious vaxx-denier not to see the 07 October attack was coordinated using Hamas terrorists as useful idiots. Israeli forces and intelligence — allegedly the “best in the world” — did not seriously counterattack for about 8 hours despite startup time for a Blackhawk helicopter is only about 4 minutes. Cold bird to wheels up should be no more than 6 minutes even for a slow crew. They fly about 180 miles per hour. Israel is small. The should have been slinging bullets and smashing Hamas within 20-25 mins. Max. People with significant special operations experience see through this bullshit. Ask a Green Beret or Delta Force operator, or someone who flies special operations birds. They know. They will not bullshit you.

Ann; .Vandersteel and I were literally talking about this in the jungle in Darien Gap on about 08 October. That Gaza would be cleared out and come to the West.

Masako Ganaha saw it clearly. The path through Darien Gap, and other routes, are being fortified and built-up.

Genocides unfold.

And the remainder are barcoded, fungible, monkey-man-slaves for globalists.

Millions of Americans still believe in a “Tooth Fairy”. “If we can just get Tooth Fairy back into office, Tooth Fairy will fix everything!”

Tooth Fairy was not even strong enough to HOLD the ground he already was standing on. The price for stupidity and weakness is infinite. Bloodlines are being extinguished after entire families death-jabbed. You Are At War

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It Pays to Sell Out Your Fellow Americans

Mike Johnson is not who he claims to be.

And it pays pretty well. Over a half-million Federal Reserve notes, in fact. Right after leading the charge to push another aid package to Israel, Johnson received a very generous donation from AIPAC, the American-Israeli PAC. That’s after the $95,000 he received back in November after pushing through the last aid package.

If it’s not obvious by now, our politicians are owned, lock, stock and barrel by a foreign country. They do not represent you or I. TINVOWOOT.

Full article at Natural News.

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Let’s Check In on Europe

Eva Vlaardingerbroek delivers an excellent summary of what is happening in Europe right now. Keep in mind that Europe is about 5-10 years ahead of the US on the New World Order timeline. What is happening there is coming here. Worth the watch.

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HR 6090 Passes the House

A new anti-free speech bill would make the following illegal to say. Most of the Republicrats voted for this, BTW. This was passed just days after the US gave $26B to Israel. Also the protests opposing the war in Gaza were crushed with massive police force in 3 hours. Who runs our country? Oh wait, it’s illegal to suggest that…

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I Pledge Allegiance to Keeeeeeeeeev

Guest Post by Eric Peters

At one time, American schoolchildren were made to pledge allegiance to the American flag – a curious thing, when you think about it a bit.

But it was at least the American flag.

How about this business of the people who supposedly represent Americans – in Congress – holding and waving the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeeev? We can see where their allegiance lies.

As has been observed by many – and you can observe it yourself by going to the downtown area of any major city – America is disintegrating. But there is always money for Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev.

And Israel, too.

Who runs Bartertown? (per Mad Max in the Thunderdome.) And isn’t “Bartertown” exactly apt? It is the place where things of value are traded. Washington, DC having long been the epicenter of that. But it used to be more discreet, which at least gave Americans the psychological latitude to pretend they were being represented. Now it is clear who is represented – and by both political parties, which have always represented themselves.

We are told by these representatives that America is a “democracy.” Well, how about let’s seeing?

Why not put further “aid” to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev to the vote – ours – and let the people decide? Everyone knows why this will never be allowed in “our democracy.” It is because they will never permit any matter they know the people overwhelmingly oppose to be put to a vote  . . . of the people.

So much for “our democracy,” which has long been a corporatist oligarchy in which the interests of those who own the government are always represented.

This being a result of the ancient dictum that you get what you pay for.

How much did Speaker Johnson cost? A look at the major contributors to his office-seeking will give some idea. It is almost impossible to seek office without seeking money, which always has a cost. And those who provide it expect to get something in return for their money. Something more than their man getting elected that is implicit in his getting elected. Elections are not charity drives or vanity projects. They are about buying advantage via the buying of representation – which is something most of us ordinary people cannot afford to purchase and which, for that reason exactly, we do not get.

native advertising

Observe the well-known fact that most people seem perfectly willing to not see – which is that “representing” is very remunerative. How is it that Joe Biden, for instance, is worth so many millions? Where did those millions come from? The same for the Clintons. The same for pretty much all of them, less a few exceptions such as Ron Paul (and Rand) that hardly matter because their well-meant attempt to represent us is drowned out by the representation paid for by the corporate oligarchs.

There is no other plausible explanation for – frankly – everything that goes on in Bartertown. It is where things (including people) are bought and sold and – to slightly modify the dictum of the comedian who spoke the truth, George Carlin, you are not a member of the shopping club. As at Sam’s, there is a price to be paid just to get in – and most of us will never be able to afford it.

So we’re locked out.

Meanwhile, the buying and selling escalates to obscene and obvious egregiousness. This is both possibly explosive as well as salutary, for exactly the latter reason. Most people will tolerate an astounding amount of shit dropped in their lap, mainly because most people will do almost anything to avoid confronting the people who drop the shit in their lap. But we are well beyond that now.

We are now at the point of having shit rubbed in our faces – by people holding and waving the flags of Keeeeeeeeeeeeeev and Israel.

And it hardly ends there.

It is everything. It is everywhere. And it has probably reached – or soon will reach – a point of insufferability if only because it cannot be suffered much longer, in the literal, existential sense. Once people realize they are seen as little more than things to be used – that their “representatives” regard them with contempt and derision as exploitable resources whose job is to smile when the shit is smeared in their faces – it becomes a matter of survival to figure out a way to pull these leeches off our body politic and so off of us.

We owe no allegiance to these people – who have made it very clear where their allegiances lie.

Hopefully, the day is approaching when anyone who dares to wave the flag of Keeeeeeeeeeev or Israel or any other foreign country in the legislative bodies of this country will be met with the response such deserves.

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