Trump’s VP Pick–JD Vance

I never quite liked the guy, even though his book was OK. Though he dished a lot of dirt on his family after he split town to make it rich in the big city. So there’s that. Having never looked into him, I didn’t have much to go on. He just seemed off.

Well, Doug over at Offgrid with Doug and Stacy did a little digging. Here’s what he came up with:

He went to Yale and is Skull and Crossbones like the Bush Family “supposedly” They did a movie about the Bush and crossbones connection ….just a FYI

JD Vance worked for a company called ambrosia. Ambrosia is another word for pink and pink is another word for adrenochrome.

The company ambrosia has since been shut down but what they were doing was taking the blood from young people and transfusing it into the older people with the belief that it would make them younger.

Then here is another interesting fact about Vance, he worked at the same law firm as Barak Obama and Michelle “Sidney Austin Law Firm”

His wife worked on a board that is/was owned by Bill Gates and his wife is a Cambridge Scholar meaning she accepted money from The Gates Foundation

Oh, and he was a NEVER TRUMPER lots of video floating around about that

now his wife

Usha Chilukuri Vance she up and quit he job real quiet like right before the convention.

She worked as a corporate litigator at Munger, Tolles & Olson a prestigious law firm in SAN FRANSISCO CALIFORNIA

Here is where it gets kinda weird, they removed everything about her from the website. Her entire biography was scrubbed.

Did you know that California lawmakers wanted to make it legal to kill babies up to 27 days after birth?

maybe there is some weird connection there but that all seems suspect!

I will keep digging and showing yall what I find, you take it from there.

I will say from what I watched of the republican convention it had a weird Hunger Games Illuminati feel to it lol

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The Reason Biden Was Permitted to Debate Trump

from Martin Armstrong

Biden Secon Term

The first presidential debate of the year was a humiliating moment for our nation. Does one even need to bother discussing the questions mentioned when the public was in utter shock at the current president’s physical and mental state?

Joe Biden was sent to the podium as the sacrificial lamb of the DNC. His handlers knew his condition, and no amount of preparation, layup questions, or alterations from the liberal media could have improved his performance. Even Donald Trump seemed concerned that Joe Biden would keel over at any moment. There is a reason the Democrats agreed to this debate — they are setting up the stage for a candidate swap.

Biden was struggling to speak coherently and mumbled through most of his answers. As directed, he began EVERY answer by saying his candidate was a liar and anything Trump said was malarky. The world now knows that the emperor has no clothes. Public officials have long known Biden’s condition as we see a preview of it in the media, with Biden wandering on stage or struggling to communicate with other world leaders. The lie that Joe Biden is of good health has been exposed.


The lamb has been sacrificed. The media would be cherry-picking words to praise Joe Biden, but they are in panic mode. Every channel is discussing Biden’s health, with some saying he simply had a cold. If a military member, pilot, doctor, or anyone in a position of power had a cold, would you expect them to act robotically and lifelessly? This man has arguably the most powerful job in the world, and tens of thousands of people believe it is OK for someone in his condition to have the nuclear codes. That 8% approval rating likely went down to next to nothing.

Trump strategically kept a cool head during the debate. He has long been accused of bullying Uncle Joe, as the media likes to call him, but Biden’s current state is too pathetic to mock. Every media consultant and journalist, even those on the furthest end of the spectrum, is taking to the airways today to say that there is still time before the convention to swap in another candidate.

Trump vs Hillary 2024

Joe Biden is physically and mentally unfit to run the country – period. No one wants a Harris presidency. The Democrats will swap out Joe for someone whom the public is already familiar with and knows. They began the debate by discussing their favorite topic to sway one-issue voters of abortion. A female candidate with experience who the public already knows will be there solution. Hillary Clinton will have her day once again to face off against Donald Trump. She is practically the face of the establishment. People may not find Clinton relatable but those who dislike Trump will vote for her.

Trump skirted around the question of whether he would accept the election results before saying he would only accept the results if the election were fair. What measures are in place to ensure that the next election is fair? The host did not bother to ask Biden whether the Democrats would accept the results of the election, as they have been able to cry “interference” without rebuke. Neither side is going to accept the results this November. Socrates* indicates a Trump win if all is fairly counted. I do not see how the establishment could permit that to occur.

*Editors note: Socrates is a super computer that runs predictions on the state of the world, investments and the like.

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Michael Yon Sitrep

Yon does a rare video sitrep. Worth your time. He’s a little scattered, but he’s thinking 3-4 levels deep. Few others have this level of analysis.

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Here’s Why These Troubling Trends Mean Mass Chaos is Likely Coming to the West…

by Chris MacIntosh

From Doug Casey’s International Man Newsletter

Coming from the murky island of Britain

Sticking with our pasty friends

“The most common risk is localised flooding, according to the government’s risk register, leading to power and water outages. But among the 100 other potential threats people should be prepared for include another pandemic, a mass cyberattack that cuts off the internet, disruption to UK space systems that affect GPS signals — or, in an extreme case, could include conflict or even the potential for a nuclear attack in continental Europe.”

You will note that the British public are being placed on a war footing. This is the psychological preparation for a mass chaos event. I’ve been telling you for ages that the bankers need to eliminate the debt, and I’ve also pointed out that historical examples highlight the risks of the elites losing control of the populace in such situations and in some instances their heads, too.

They know this, and as such have prepared for a means to control what will be millions of impoverished (you’ll own nothing) and very angry (and be happy) citizens. This control mechanism has many facets. “Hate speech,” search and seizure laws, pandemic treaties, CBDCs, and attendant authoritarian control measures, including lockdowns, quarantining citizens, and forced… ahem… how to say this politely, “medical procedures.” The big daddy, of course, is CBDCs.

Where these are implemented, then resistance is quickly squashed. It’s tough to mount a protest when you can’t get on a bus, fill up your car to drive to said protest, or even complain online on social media. If the “hate speech” laws don’t get you, the shutting off of your access to the internet and banking system surely will.

When talking about conscription many people will say, “Oh, but the populace doesn’t have a stomach for it.” The problem is that you could have made the same argument in 1939.

And it’s not only Britain. It’s Denmark, too.

“The reality is that Denmark and our allies are threatened by hybrid war,” Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said during a speech in the town of Allinge. “Each of us should prepare for the fact that, for a short period, we may be without access to electricity or water, or be unable to buy basic necessities.”

Then, over in the land of the free, the same agenda is being rolled out.

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service

“The House of Representatives on Friday approved its version of the annual defense policy bill, effectively clearing the $883.7 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to move forward in a 217-199 vote which largely fell along party lines. Only three Republicans opposed it.

A number of ‘controversial’ amendments are part of it, setting up a further fight with Democrats as it moves forward, including a measure empowering the National Guard to crack down on the southern border.

But among the most interesting aspects to the bill for Fiscal Year 2025 is an amendment to the NDAA which automatically registers all draft-age male U.S. residents with the Selective Service System.”

At a recent conference in Orlando (Rebel Capitalist Live), I asked the crowd whether they understood that their country (US) was at war with Russia and, by default, China. It’s a topic I’ve spilled a bucket load of digital ink on for years now — the coming civil war in the US as well as the global war that’s now unfolding.

Now, I’m aware this is at least ostensibly an investment newsletter, but the reality is that geopolitics is arguably the most important driver in capital flows and hence investment outcomes.

Furthermore, what good is a sparkling Interactive Brokers account with more green than a Costa Rican jungle if you and or your kids or grandkids are being shipped off to the meat grinder fighting some bankers’ wars designed to accomplish the twin goals of depopulation (Agenda 2030, Rockefeller Foundation, Club of Rome) and enriching the deep state? It’s all kinda pointless. The time to obtain those second passports, residencies, and offshore banking is fast running out. Do with this warning what you will.

Oh, and by the way. The probability that the prepping by multiple countries of their cattle citizens all over the world (US, UK, Germany, Australia, and I’m sure I’m missing others) for conscription is not coordinated is about 0%.

It is obvious to anyone watching the shitshow of US politics and European politics.

The gay mentally ill race communists want to and are taking us all to war. We need to reject them at every level. If we do not, our future is bleak.

Speaking of European politics…

A Firm No!

Let’s see what’s just happened in the last few weeks.

  • France: Marine Le Pen’s party trounced Emmanuel Macron’s party in France, winning 34% of the vote, with Macron calling a snap election.
  • Belgium’s Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo, resigned after the right-wing in Belgium made gains.
  • Italy: Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing party is set to win the most seats in Italy.
  • Germany’s ruling coalition was defeated by conservatives, with AFD finishing second.
  • Ireland: Numerous anti-immigration candidates were elected in Ireland.
  • Holland: Geert Wilders’ party in the Netherlands gained many seats to become the second largest party.
  • In Austria, the right-wing FPÖ party doubled their number of seats to become the largest party.
  • In Spain, the right-wing Vox party has become the third largest party with around 10% of the votes.
  • England: Nigel Farage’s Reform Party announced their manifesto:
    • Reject the WEF agenda
    • Cancel WHO membership
    • Reject cashless agenda
    • Laws to stop woke ideology
    • Free speech bill
    • Stop cancel culture
    • Scrap Net Zero
    • Fast-track nuclear energy
    • Support farmers
    • Scrap bans on fossil fuel cars
    • Tax system to support marriage
    • Opposed to CBDCs

This is a clear sign of the anger from the citizens.

To be honest, I’m not sure we’re going to immediately see much change. I think this looks like a grind lower. You see, as long as the bankers (ECB) control the monetary system in Brussels, politics within the member states won’t matter much. The levers of control must be broken and the process to doing so, while now underway, will be a fierce battle. The fragility will come via the currency markets. We’re already seeing massive spreads in the bond markets between EU member states (they never managed to consolidate the bond market in the EU). Next up will be the currency markets (euro), and that almost certainly means capital controls. You’ve been warned.

Practical takeaways? The euro will be the breaking point. It either breaks from inertia or the globalists self-destruct it, but self-destruction won’t happen until they’ve got their precious CBDCs in place.

Why do I say that? Easy! CBDCs ARE capital controls. It is programmable money. The moment they’ve implemented it, they can — at the touch of a button — program your ability to use it to oh… buy a plane ticket to GTFO dodge or send it to any jurisdiction of your liking. Want to fly to your Plan B residence in Fughedabouttheworldistan? “Sorry Sir/Madam, your access to that service is not consistent with the UN’s sustainability goals, you climate killer.”

So in the currency world, the USD benefits, but in reality we’re seeing a repudiation of all fiat. Why is it that all the while that gold keeps making new highs we’ve not even seen institutional buying?

So in the currency world, the USD benefits, but in reality we’re seeing a repudiation of all fiat. Why is it that all the while that gold keeps making new highs we’ve not even seen institutional buying?

I’ll tell you why. For the same reason Wall Street is going to go down with this ship. They’re filled now with cowards afraid to miss a benchmark. Cowards that are too afraid to tell their masters to eat sand rather than present their preferred pronouns at ESG at DEI meetings. The buying of gold, by the way, is from the central banks of foreign nations.

And it’s not just the last year either.

If you squint hard, you’ll notice that three (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are members of the BRICS countries. Furthermore, Turkey will join BRICS. Watch!

I point this out because, as I’ve been sharing with you for a couple of weeks now, we are watching the emergence of a multipolar world, with a US-centric world on one side and a China-centric world on the other. For the first time ever, BRICS countries’ share of the global economy has surpassed that of the G7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and US) on a purchasing parity basis.

Gold plays an important role in this multi-polarization. The BRICS need the precious metal to support their currencies and shift away from the US dollar, which has served as the global foreign reserve currency for about a century. More and more global trade is now being conducted in the Chinese yuan, and there are reports that the BRICS — which could eventually include other important emerging economies such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and more — are developing their own medium for payments.

Speaking of which…

Putin confirms Brics’ independent payment system in the pipeline

“Addressing a crowd of 12,000 attendees from more than 100 countries of the world at the 27th annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Putin said such a transaction system would be “unmoved by political pressure, abuse and external sanctions”.

The news came on the back of the president’s announcement that Russia has overtaken Japan to become the fourth largest economy in the world.”

Vlad went on to explain why:

“It is no secret, of course, that the reliability of, and trust in Western payment systems has been thoroughly undermined, and by the Western countries themselves. Together with foreign partners, we will increase the use of national currencies in foreign-trade settlements, and increase the safety and efficiency of such operations through the Brics line.”

The moment that the West nicked Russian assets (ostensibly to give to the cocaine dwarf) was the moment that a global move was put into place for an alternative.

It’ll take a while to be put into place, but it will come. People tend to overestimate things in the short term and underestimate them in the long run.

This is broadly true of technology (the motor car, the telephone, internet), but I think this will be no different. In the short term, the US dollar isn’t going anywhere, despite all the gold bugs screaming for a dollar crash. However, in the longer term, we are witnessing the end of the Western-led financial hegemony… and that is, of course, dollar-based.

I don’t believe we need to play this game of choosing. It’s easy. The alternative is going to need to be reliable and trustworthy. This will mean it’s going to be backed by hard assets. Just buy the hard assets. They’re the cheapest they’ve been in all of history (no kidding), so on a risk/reward basis is a no brainer.

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America Prepares for Global War and Restarts the Draft for 18-26 Year Olds

from Dennis Kucinich HT The Burning Platform. He makes some good points in this article. I disagree with his assessment that the great replacement is a “theory.” It’s demonstrable. Otherwise, he raises good questions.

Greetings to Young Americans: You are Automatically Registered for the Draft Conscription without Representation? Where and WHY are we sending our Kids to War?

Army recruitment sign at E3. Rob Fahey from London, United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our government is planning a big draft, conscripting millions of young Americans for an even bigger war!

I call to your attention a Democratic amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was slipped into the almost trillion-dollar Pentagon war spending bill, by voice vote, in the House Armed Services committee.

The Democratic Amendment to H.R. 8070, the National Defense Authorization (NDAA) reads:

Section 531. Selective Service System:  Automatic Registration.  SEC. 3. (a)(1) “Except as otherwise provided in this title, every male citizen of the United States, and every other male person residing in the United States, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, shall be automatically registered under this Act by the Director of the Selective Service System.” 

This amendment is in the NDAA legislation and there is no pending amendment to strip it from the bill.  So, when the NDAA passes, as early as this week, Congress will have taken steps to make automatic conscription the law of the land.

Why an automatic draft?  Members of Congress and the President have an obligation to explain to the American people to which foreign land will their sons, and perhaps their daughters, be sent to die?

The U.S. has been in a continuous “State of Emergency” since September 11, 2001, which provides a president with over 100 powers he would not ordinarily have.   Notwithstanding that the automatic draft provision will go into effect in a year,   a presidential order invoking emergency powers and/or an Act of Congress, could readily move millions from their civilian lives to the front lines of a war.


We know that America is fomenting wars around the world

We know that the military industrial complex controls our government

We know that we are on the precipice of a global war, provoking aggression rather than resolution with Russia, China and in the Middle East.  

The only winners in these wars are the war profiteers.

They’re now going to take our children to fight in unnecessary, destabilizing, dangerous, debt-creating wars.

Just today President Biden committed the U.S. to an additional decade of support for Ukraine’s war with Russia.

There is no other conceivable reason to require more than 16 million American males to be automatically registered for the draft, other than to prepare for a large-scale war.

The Selective Service System is the vehicle by which individuals are inducted into the armed forces.  This NDAA Automatic Registration amendment facilitates an efficient, large-scale draft.

The new law will automatically register all males between the ages of 18 and 26.  Selective Service will notify in writing every young American male that they have been registered and will prescribe regulations which can require the registrant to provide “date of birth, address, social security account number, phone number and email address….”

There are members of Congress who advocate that young women also be included in any draft, which could bring to 32 million the number of Americans of draft-eligible age.

The U.S. currently has over 1,300,000 men and women, career soldiers, as well as volunteers, serving in the all-volunteer armed forces.

According to the new automatic draft law, undocumented immigrants, between the ages of 18 and 26, numbering at least 1.5 million, could also be conscripted, if it were to apply to women as well as men.

A government conscription edict covering the undocumented could ironically do damage to the so-called “replacement theory,” where draft-eligible undocumented immigrants could decide to retreat to the other side of the border.  Military service may appeal to others as a path toward citizenship, since immigrants serving during “period of hostility,” can seek immediate naturalization.

The last time a draft was instituted in the United States was during the Vietnam War, when 1.9 million Americans were conscripted.

A total of 8.7 million Americans served during the course of that war, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, including married men, who were subject to the draft by Presidential order.

Of 58,220 U.S. service fatalities in the Vietnam War, 17,671 were draftees.

President Biden’s recent D-Day speech, quoted in Politico, contained this noteworthy warning for young Americans: “The price of unchecked tyranny is the blood of the young and the brave.” 

Years ago I had a conversation with then-Vice President Biden, who mused, painfully, about his own sons’ lives potentially being at risk in combat.  His deep love for his sons is reflective of all Americans’ love for their children.  Those parents and grandparents with a first-person understanding of the human cost of wars in Vietnam and Iraq may have a powerful  aversion to exposing their children and grandchildren to deadly conflict, unless there is a direct threat to the territory of the United States.

Ukraine understands the price paid for war, having lost hundreds of thousands of its courageous sons and daughters in the ongoing war with Russia.

As Ukraine turns to conscription, there is push back coming from those who are subject to service but who understand they could well be facing a death sentence.

In Israel, the growing ultra-orthodox worshippers have been exempt from military service since the founding of Israel, but the government is being pressed to expand its military ranks creating a political squeeze on the Netanyahu ruling coalition.

Conscription is under discussion in Germany and Italy, while at least nine other European Union countries already use the practice to replenish their armed forces.

Resistance does occur during a draft.  I well remember anti-Vietnam war rallies with the cry “Hell, no, we won’t go!”   But for a heart murmur and a high draft number, I would have joined my brother Frank Kucinich, Jr. on the battlefield in Southeast Asia.

During the Vietnam war, an estimated 60% of all draft-eligible young men found a means to avoid getting conscripted, (including future a President by the name of Bill Clinton).  Some, fearful for their lives, fled to Canada or Sweden.

The Vietnam War ripped apart the country.  The protests over the war, fueled by compulsory service and rising casualty numbers of US troops, led President Lyndon Johnson to decide, on March 31, 1968,  not to run for reelection.  The draft was ended in 1973 and was reinstated by President Carter on January 23, 1980.

We must have a national debate over America’s forever wars which have led to the automatic draft.    Just what, exactly, are America’s interests?  Our nation’s leaders’ diplomatic skills seem limited to putting a gun on the table and saying “Let’s talk.”

Why does our government choose war over diplomacy?

As directly-elected representatives of the people, Congress, a co-equal branch of government, has a responsibility under Article One, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution to decide to formally take  this nation to a state of war.

Yet this congress, and others, have been content to appropriate money for war and then let the President take the responsibility, something the Founding Fathers sought to avoid in devising a system of checks and balances.

Congress must take up the question of war, long before the country institutes an automatic draft. An automatic draft is a preparation for war, dramatically altering the lives of young Americans.   They deserve an answer.  We all deserve an answer. America’s future is literally on the line.

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Well How About That?

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Civil War Weather Report

John Wilder does a monthly roundup of indicators on how close we are to a civil war. He tries to maintain a sense of levity while discussing something deadly serious and does a good job. I think he is generally on target with his analysis.

Civil War Weather Report, June 2024

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Sacrificing Liberty

Here is a link to the excellent documentary series on the attack on the USS Liberty and the subsequent cover up.

You can get a free 7-day trial and watch the movie.

Here are my notes from Sunday’s Cultural Update.

This is the cliff notes of cliff notes. There is a lot more to the story than I’m presenting here. Go watch the documentary.

Everyone knows we recently celebrated the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6. Yesterday was another significant event, but I wonder if anyone knows what it is? Ever hear of the attack on the USS Liberty?

On June 8, 1967, the Liberty was sailing in the Mediterranean sea about 17 nautical miles off the northern Sinai coast. At 2 PM, without warning, she is buzzed by three unmarked jets at high speed and low altitude. The Liberty is a signals intelligence ship with only four 50 cal machine guns with no shrapnel shields. She is flying an 8’ x 5’ American flag and has 10’ high letters identifying the ship. There is a crew of 297 souls on board.

After the first pass, the jets come back around and begin launching rockets, firing onboard cannons and dropping napalm. Once they expend their ordinance, additional squadrons of planes came in and did the same.

Due to broadband signals jamming, including the maritime distress channel, the ship was unable to call for help to the nearby US sixth fleet. At one point, a distress call did get out and US fighter jets were launched to come to her aid. Those jets never made it, however, being turned around at the order of the white house, specifically LBJ and Robert McNamara.

Thirty five minutes into the attack from the air, torpedo boats began their assault. Five torpedoes were launched, one of which struck the side of the ship in the intel hold, instantly killing 25 of the men who worked there. The ship began to take on water, its engines were dead and it had no rudder. The men started launching life boats. However, the attacking surface vessels machine gunned the life boats rendering them useless and injuring many.

As helicopters approached for the final assault, Captain William L. McGonagle called out, “Stand by to repel boarders! They’ve come to finish us off.”

The attack lasted 67 minutes and was the bloodiest attack on a US ship since WWII. 34 sailors were killed and 173 were wounded.

Transcripts later showed that the attacking forces knew they were attacking a US ship and one of the pilots shouted, “Great! Wonderful! She’s burning! She’s burning!”

The ship was supposed to sink with all souls lost. However, in what must be a divine miracle, she didn’t. The crew rallied to get the engines up and running, and even though badly damaged could sail.

Incredibly, instead of being sent to the nearest port of Crete—a day’s sail–to care for the dead and wounded, they were instead directed to steam to Malta, a 7 day journey through the deepest waters of the Mediterranean sea, while listing at 15 degrees. Clearly, our government wanted her to sink as well.

Through yet another miracle, the ship made it to Malta. The survivors were immediately ushered off the ship and debriefed. When asked if they knew who attacked them, the sailors named the country. They were each threatened with court marshal and certain jail time if they ever told anyone about the attack, even their family.

After they returned home, a concerted effort was made to scuttle any story in the media about the attack and who was behind it.

Then president Johnson didn’t want to raise a fuss with the attacking nation’s domestic supporters, so he arranged for a deal to be struck. The survivors were paid off and instructed to never speak of the attack again. The attacking country said it was an accident and never spoke of it again.

A congressional committee looked into the attack, but the investigation lasted only 8 days, included but 14 crewmen and produced a report of 158 pages. Years later, the crew’s lawyer broke his silence and said the court barred them from traveling to the attacking nation to interview the pilots, obtain official transcripts or review logs.

To this day, no president has ever even acknowledged the attack or the surviving crew. Only two congressmen have ever even talked about it; Cynthia McKinney from Georgia and James Traficant from Ohio. It’s instructive to look into what happened to them.

There is an excellent documentary out called Sacrificing Liberty if you’d like to learn more. Unfortunately, it’s behind a partial paywall; you can sign up for a trial and watch it from what I can tell. I caught it when it was released on YouTube and it will break your heart. It’s worth the watch.

Oh, any guesses on which nation deliberately and without provocation attacked one of our unarmed signals intelligence ships with the intention to sink it and kill everyone on board?

Our “greatest ally in the middle east,” the geopolitical nation-state known as Israel.

Why would they do this? Israel had just started a war with Egypt and wanted desperately to get the US involved to fight it for them. The only thing that saved us from getting embroiled into a larger war in the Middle East was that LBJ was preoccupied with Vietnam and didn’t want a second war right then.

So now you know a little bit about this story; go dig some more.

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A Different Take on Trump

Came across this thread from Mark G Patterson. I’m not sure who he is, but he comes in from Michael Yon who has been better than average at predicting what’s coming next. Everyone wants Trump to be their hero; especially now that he’s a “convicted felon.” I’ve had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach about him for months now and the post below is pretty much exactly what I’ve been ruminating on, along with a few bonus items. I simply hadn’t taken the time to organize my thoughts yet. Patterson does that pretty well here.

Michael, your post raises two very important, but distinct topics: 1) The forced padlocking and closure of InfoWars. 2) your decision not to support Trump.

Let me address both:1) Millions will rally behind Alex and his crew. What we are seeing is raw, criminal tyranny being played out in live time. It cannot stand. We must find out who to contact and expose them for the evil they are committing.2) Re: Trump. I agree with your assessment. Not voting for Trump is a rational and moral decision.

Here’s why:In the wake of Trump’s guilty verdict (guilty of what? NOTHING!) support for Trump has surged as never before and he raised $52 million for his campaign.

Of course, those destroying our nation could easily predict that finding Trump “guilty” in a phony show trial would only help Trump win. So why did they do this?Because the bad guys want Trump to win. Why? Because they know that the majority of Americans are awakening and seething against the utter corruption being played out in the Biden Administration. Putting Trump in the White House will lull conservatives into inaction. America will stand down. How do I know? During Trump’s last term the bad guys carried out the largest medical genocide in human history and the USA economy was utterly destroyed with unconstitutional lockdowns — and Americans did nothing to stop it, largely because we knew Trump was at the helm.

So, they know that if Trump is elected Americans will stand down as the globalists carry out their agenda. And they know that Trump won’t stop them. Does this mean that Trump is a bad guy and working with them? I don’t know. I used to say that “Trump is either evil or stupid, and he’s not stupid!” Now, I’ve modified my thinking somewhat. I believe that Trump is blinded by his allegiance to Israel (he’s clearly Israel first) and while not evil, has decided play along with powerful evil people, for whatever reasons.

The past predicts the future. And Trump’s record during his first term is terrible. Everyone makes excuses for Trump. Poor Trump if only he had received better advice … etc. But we saw systemic efforts to surround himself with the “wrong” people (globalists) over and over. Was Trump this clueless or did he do this deliberately? Did he appoint and retain Barr, who did nothing to pursue Epstein, because he did not want Epstein pursued? I think so. Did Trump fail to lockup Hillary because he was worried about the repercussions for himself (he went to Epstein’s island). I think so. Ditto not pardoning Assange.

Here’s a short list:
– Trump enabled the largest mass medical genocide in human history.
– Trump destroyed our economy with unconstitutional lockdowns.
– Trump refused to pardon Assange (why??).
– Trump failed to lockup Hillary and said he was only joking.
– Trump failed to put a single swamp monster in jail.
– Trump failed to clean house of the unelected bureaucracies.
– Trump failed to investigate Epstein’s murder or to replace Barr who did nothing (why??).
– Trump failed to support the 2nd amendment by supporting red flag laws and bump stock bans.
– Trump enthusiastically supported unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture.
– Trump failed to protect free speech or enforce section 230.
– Trump failed to protect election integrity and did nothing when the states were obviously setting up for the steal.
– Trump failed to fire Fauci even when his supporters demanded it.
– Trump enabled that emergency funding that incentivized hospitals to murder for money by paying them 53K for every covid patient they killed following WHO / UN protocols.
– Trump supports “finish them” Nikki Haley and wants her on his team because “they agree on so many things”.
– Trump promoted torture queen Gina Haspel to head the CIA.
– Trump selected rogue Christopher Wray to head the FBI.
– Trump continually surrounded himself with globalists.
– Trump failed to pardon or support Jan 6th demonstrators.
– Trump has always been ISRAEL FIRST. He is owned by Israel and surrounded by family with allegiance to Israel. He wants to expel any student protesting against Israeli genocide.

Trump’s main job has been to prevent @VivekGRamaswamy and others from getting anywhere near power.

If Trump is elected, he will do what he did last time to dismantle the deep state: NOTHING.

Because Trump is so divisive, his election may serve as the catalyst for civil war.”

But this time it will be different because Trump learned his lesson, right? This time, he really will drain the swamp, right? Patterson forgot building the “big beautiful wall” that “Mexico will pay for.” Well, now Mexico has a brand new jewish woman president. Approximately 0.005% of Mexico is jewish; and she “won” in a landslide. After 38 other political candidates were murdered in the run up to the election.

Whether Trump goes to jail in July or is allowed back in the White House, we are going to be facing interesting times. Best use the time left to prepare.

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How Our “Greatest Ally,” Along With Our Own Government are Destroying the US

It’s said that if you want to know what is really going on, follow the money. Well, let’s follow a few billion dollars and see how the illegitimate Biden regime is funneling billions of taxpayer money to Israeli owned NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) for the purpose of moving millions of criminal aliens into the US.

One thing that I don’t believe is pointed out in this interview is that the current head of DHS is a dude named Alejandro Mayorkas. Anyone want to guess what his job was prior to heading up the Department of Homeland Security? You know the overarching agency created after the last bit of “help” from our “greatest ally?” Former cop? FBI? Prosecutor? None of the above. He was head of HAIS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. That’s right folks, the organization that is currently getting tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to relocate millions of people into the US used to be run by the guy who now set the policy to write the checks.

Take a look at this short interview.

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