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Some Good News for TN

Wait, I thought chemtrails was a conspiracy theory? This simply proves what we’ve been saying all along; they are spraying chemicals and heavy metals in our skies. It will be interesting to see what the enforcement mechanism is. I’d love … Continue reading

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Civil War Weather Report

Each month, John Wilder does a good wrap up of where we are in the inexorable march towards…well, whatever is coming. Keep in mind that while a lot of the articles he cites are from America’s Hat (Canada) and the … Continue reading

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They Want to Block Out the Sun. What Could Go Wrong?

Bill Gates and his psychotic sidekick George Soros are putting millions of dollars into programs that will “begin” spraying reflective chemicals and particles in the atmosphere to block out the sun and lower the earth’s temperature. I put “begin” in … Continue reading

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You Are the Carbon They Want To Reduce

Doug Casey has a great take on the green agenda, the anti-carbon hysteria and what that means for us. If you don’t already receive it, his newsletter is worth getting. International Man: Western countries are leading the charge in restructuring … Continue reading

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Report calls for limits on air travel

A new report is out that shows that we peasants, the dirt people, must limit our air travel, and ultimately our driving. No more loading the family up on a plane to visit grandma for Christmas willy nilly. No sir! … Continue reading

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