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Some Good News (for TN)

UPDATE 4/2/24: It appears Gov. Lee signed the bill. Tennessee legislators have passed a bill to require any food that contains a vaccine or vaccine material to be classified as a drug and labeled as such. The measure now heads … Continue reading

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Some Good News for TN

Wait, I thought chemtrails was a conspiracy theory? This simply proves what we’ve been saying all along; they are spraying chemicals and heavy metals in our skies. It will be interesting to see what the enforcement mechanism is. I’d love … Continue reading

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A Little Good News…

Bill Lee signed a bill that allows public officials to refuse to perform same-sex “marriages.” More over at The Hill. It’s a good start Bill, now do churches.

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Some Good News…Maybe

Tennessee poised to ban LGBT pride flags from schools and classrooms… It’s passed the house by a large margin. The senate is overwhelmingly republican, so it should clear there. Will Bill Lee have the guts to sign it? We’ll see…

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First Battalion of Invaders Arrives in TN

According to DHS, approximately 600 “non-citizens” from Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras, and Mexico are headed to Murfreesboro, Nashville and Franklin. It’s OK, though as our fearless senators are “outraged” and have sent a strongly worded letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro … Continue reading

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