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Catherine Austin Fitts shreds Trump acolyte in the most brutal 7 minutes you will find on the internet

A great, short clip from an interview with Catherine. She pretty much eviscerates the Trump Operation Warp Speed program. Watch the interview and read the article here. BLUF: So we have an all-powerful machine, a system (I call it a … Continue reading

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What An Odd Thing To Say

Really curious why one would need to be fully stocked up on groceries for an eclipse that lasts 1 hr. and 24 min.. How much could one possibly eat in an hour and a half? What is really planned for … Continue reading

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Some Good News…Maybe

Tennessee poised to ban LGBT pride flags from schools and classrooms… It’s passed the house by a large margin. The senate is overwhelmingly republican, so it should clear there. Will Bill Lee have the guts to sign it? We’ll see…

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Let’s Check in on the “Justice System”

With allegations even more hazy than Christine Blassy Ford, E. Jean Carrol was awarded $83 Million because a long time ago, she can’t remember when, Trump raped her in a dressing room in a department store. Not sure which one. … Continue reading

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Death of a Nation, Birth of Another

T.L. Davis makes a lot of valid points in this article. The United States is a failed experiment, not because it’s corrupt or communist so much as that it’s simply too big to be managed by anything other than corrupt … Continue reading

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Covid Vaccine Update: “12-SIGMA EVENT” — And it could get worse!

I tried to warn people back in 2020, 2021 and 2022; Do Not Take the Jab! Some listened, many did not. At the time, I did not know exactly how or why it was bad, I simply knew it was … Continue reading

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Our “Greatest Ally”

Enemies, huh? That’s a US soldier. Now, the guys whack–he set himself on fire to protest the genocide of Gaza by Israel. A worthy protest, to be sure. But there are a hundred more productive things he could have done. … Continue reading

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Wargaming the American Apocalypse

I don’t love the title as the word Apocalypse has been hijacked from its original meaning–the unveiling, or revealing of The Lord Jesus Christ. Regardless, here’s an excellent introduction article from Jack Lawson and Stan Szymanski. Jack is the author … Continue reading

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Let’s Check in on the City on the Hill

I waited a while to post this because, to be honest, I was at a loss for words. Jesus said we are the light of the world, a city on a hill. The Church is supposed to reflect Jesus so … Continue reading

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George Soros Takes Over 220 Radio Stations

Just in time for the 2024 election cycle, famous rich-guy and far left activist whose life’s mission is to destroy the United States (his words, not mine) has just purchased a controlling interest in Audacy, which owns 220 radio stations … Continue reading

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