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A Little Good News…

Bill Lee signed a bill that allows public officials to refuse to perform same-sex “marriages.” More over at The Hill. It’s a good start Bill, now do churches.

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Layoffs…Coming in Hot

I know it’s hard to keep up with just how amazing and wonderful the Bribem economy is right now, but here’s a list from our friends at ZeroHedge showing the latest in layoffs for last month. That’s right, last month. … Continue reading

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In Case You Thought I was Being Hyperbolic…

Let’s check in on some headlines from the past few months.

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You Don’t Realize How Much They Hate Us

A new book just dropped last week, Rural White Rage. The book’s authors suggest, no, they flat out state that rural white people are the most dangerous threat to “our democracy.” We’ll come back to that in a minute. The … Continue reading

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The Wheels on the Debt Clock Are About to Spin Right Off!

It is well known that the last stage of an empire comes when the ruling elite loot the treasury. In this case, they have already done that and are moving on to looting everything else. We are now adding $1 … Continue reading

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Transgenger Space Force Colonel Says Using Pronouns in Emails Will Help Win Wars

We were a proper country once. Now, we are the laughingstock of the world. Here we have a homely dude with a mental illness pretending he’s a girl telling soldiers they need to be more inclusive with their pronouns so … Continue reading

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