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They Paid Doctors to Vaccinate People

Ever wonder why so many doctors pushed the covid jab on their patients? They made big bucks doing so! I mean, sure the jab has killed and injured millions, but what is that compared to a new boat and a … Continue reading

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What a Grid Crisis Could Look Like

We don’t need a dramatic movie to give us a sense of what things would look like if we had a grid crash.  Facebook is showing us in real time. As of this post, Power Outage reports almost 14% of electricity customers … Continue reading

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What Government Thinks of Us

Hello fellow domestic violent extremist! That’s right, if you’re reading this, you are very likely classified as a DVE by the Department of “Homeland” Security. I put Homeland in quotes because many people don’t understand how the communists alter language. … Continue reading

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How Would You Like to Earn 100% Interest on Your Savings?

Sound good? All you have to do is enter the country illegally, and all the other US taxpayers will match your savings account deposits dollar for dollar! So for every dollar an illegal invader earns working in a job that … Continue reading

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I Can’t Recommend This Enough

Matt Bracken has consistently been about 10-15 years ahead of whatever is happening in the world. He repeats himself a bit, but if you want to know what’s going on, watch this video. Worth your time.

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How Government Really Works

The All Important Doorman by Jeff Thomas from Doug Casey’s International Man Newsletter Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. He’s brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When he gets out … Continue reading

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CONgress Criminalizes the New Testament

by Chuck Baldwin I’ll lead off by quoting a brief missive by Dr. Stephen Jones. On May 2, he wrote: Yesterday congress passed what is called the Anti-Semitic Awareness Act. It is a bill which criminalizes any criticism of the Israeli state … Continue reading

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On Preparing…Water

Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man has a good article on how to prepare for a water outage. Given that potable water is so essential (for drinking, cooking, and washing ourselves, our clothes and our cooking and eating utensils), we … Continue reading

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Michael Yon Mind Dump

from Michael Yon (sans edit) Incredible…out of ALL the companies in the world to visit, Masako Ganaha and I travelled to BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Twice we travelled to BASF before Nordstream attack. We asked during our second trip what happens to … Continue reading

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It Pays to Sell Out Your Fellow Americans

And it pays pretty well. Over a half-million Federal Reserve notes, in fact. Right after leading the charge to push another aid package to Israel, Johnson received a very generous donation from AIPAC, the American-Israeli PAC. That’s after the $95,000 … Continue reading

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